Vendor Registration Programme

The ramped up Vendor Registration Programme using a special team of thirteen (13) persons started in earnest on July 23, 2015.
To date, we have focused on the following markets/arcades:

Pearnel Charles Arcade
Oxford Mall Arcade
65 Mall Arcade
Coronation Market
Darling Street Transport Centre
Queens Market

So far from this effort, 226 vendors have been registered.

I know I speak on behalf of the Town Clerk, Mr. Robert Hill and the Commercial Services Manager, Mr. Gary Robotham, when I say that we not satisfied at this stage of the Programme with the results thus far. We are aware that with a new group, there was going to be a learning curve and so we have been analyzing the results. In fact, later this week we will take a look to see the changes that we can make to different elements of the programme.
Notwithstanding this analysis, I want to remind vendors that, in the same way you need a driver’s license to drive on the nation’s streets; vendors will be required to register to sell.