Major reduction in Crime

I like to start by looking at the National landscape and as I look back at 2014, I am sure that all of you, like me must laud the efforts of the government and JCF in achieving a significant reduction in major crimes. The island wide figures show: murders down by 16%; shooting down by 12%; rape down by 23%, aggravated assault down by 17%.  Regardless of where we stand we all would have been proud of those numbers although of course we all want to see those numbers down at zero. I note with special pride that right here in the corporate area we had a reduction in murders in St. Andrew Central by 40%; reduction in St. Andrew South by 39%; and reduction in Kingston Western by 22%. Thanks to the hard work, dedication and sacrifice of the security forces working in concert with citizens and supportive community based organizations. Let’s not forget that these figures were achieved against the background of a 54% decrease in the number of fatal shootings by the Police, another significant achievement. 
The truth, however, is that 2015 has not started well and I am sure we all are concerned about where we are heading. I want to use this medium to remind us, that reducing crime is “all ah wi business”, it is not just the business of the police force. To those who have been playing their part, my sincere thanks for your efforts. In addition, let me remind us to talk to our children and family members, start early to ensure that we instil positive values where human life is valued and where we learn to solve our differences without resorting to violence. Let’s support uniformed groups in schools and after school activities for all our children, because the data shows that individuals who are involved in uniformed groups and who are involved in co-curricular activities are less likely to be engaged in criminal activities. Let us provide any information that we have that may help the police and let us encourage others to do so as well.    There are no bystanders here. We all need to take an active stand.
This is our Jamaica; this is our Kingston and St. Andrew.

Presented by: Her Worship the Mayor of Kingston
                      Senator Councillor Angela Brown Burke, J.P.
                      Chairman, Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation