Congrats to the Ministry of Education

I want to congratulate the Ministry of Education for the clarification on the move increase transfer of GSAT students due to distance. What has become clear is that this is not going to be a whole-scale automatic placement but rather, will apply only to those students who did not get placed at any of their institutions of choice ( 75 % have already getting placed at a school that they have chosen).
I also note that 110 of 168 high schools have received upgraded facilities to aid in the teaching of technical and vocational subjects and that we are continuing the move to remove schools from the shift system.
What now needs to happen is for these schools to be supported by the parents of the children taking an active interest in what is happening in the education of their children and for the Ministry to also ensure that our teachers at some of these institutions have not given up on our children.
I know that some of these non traditional schools have wonderful leadership that is leading that process of transformation, they need all the help the can get so that we can reduce the performance gap among our schools. I bring this to our attention because we all have a role to play in monitoring the performance of our institutions and giving the support needed to do so.