The Youth Council Council concept began in 1995 and was envisaged as a means of integrating and sensitizing the youths of Jamaica about the operations of Local Government through the Local Authorities.   Youth Councils are held by Municipal Corporations annually as part of efforts to educate students about the country's Local Governmenet System.  A day is select by the Local Authorities during which students replace their Parish Councillors for a day when special Youth Council's are staged.  This is seen as the crowning facet in the concept.

Names of Youth Councillors Division School
Asycia Martin Royal Flat  DeCarteret College
Farah Parker Mile Gully Mile Gully High 
Kareem Ismail (Youth Mayor) New Green Manchester High
Joni-Gaye Williams Newport Bishop Gibson High
Brianna Warren Spur Tree May Day High
Alliah Kennedy (Deputy Youth Mayor) Johns Hall Manchester High
Howeesha Harriott Alligator Pond B.B. Coke High
Lawricia Rowe Bellefield Belair High
Danielle Forbes Mandeville Manchester High
Stephan Lloyd Walderston DeCarteret College
Rosheka Pitter Porus Northern Caribbean University
Jerome Hanson Knockpatrick University of the West Indies
Kerosha Shaw Craighead Christiana High
Kaysha Gardner Grove Town Cross Keys High
Billeane Williams Christiana Holmwood Hechinical High

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