Hudson elected as Junior Mayor for 2017-2018

The Kingston and St Andrews Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) recently appointed Campion College's Anna-Kay Hudson as the 2017-2018 Junior Mayor for Kingston. 

Hudson was selected by her peers  to sit as Junior Council Mayor from a group of  Youth Councillors from across Kingston and St Andrew.

Chad Rattray of Kingston College was appointed as Deputy Junior Mayor and Matthew Fulton of Hillel Academy was appointed as the Junior Chief Executive Officer for the Junior Council. 

Matthew McHayle of St George's College was selected as the Junior Council Orderly and Ashley Bradey of St Andrews' High School for Girls was selected as the Junior Council Chaplain. 

As part of its Local Government Month activities, the KSAMC will host Junior Council meetings and engage the members of the Junior Council to table resolutions that they believe can help to improve the standards of living within the city. 
Hudson, in her campaign to be elected, highlighted that she is a resident of downtown Kingston and very aware and connected to the issues that persons face in the city and encouraged her fellow peers to select her based on her familiarity with the challenges and her drive to make improvements occur. 

Mayor Delroy Williams in his charge to the Junior Councillors encouraged them to look beyond the hype of the opportunity and take this as an avenue to offer substance to the city as the generation to come. He borrowed from the Ministry of Education's theme, substance over hype, in challenging them to make the most of the opportunity and effect change in their own circles and communities.