Ceremony to Unveil the Merritone Turntable Plaque

The KSAMC recently partnered with the JNHT, SDC and other stakeholders to recognize the invaluable contribution that the Merritone Sound System has made towards the development of culture and creativity, not only in Jamaica but on the world stage.

From the early 1970s, Merritone Music emerged as a unifying force intertwining people from all walks of life: From near and far, local and foreign and indeed a melting pot of sorts, which continues to unite different races, classes and creeds through the vehicle of music.

As one of our strategies to facilitate the promotion and continuation of culture in the city, a ceremony to unveil the Merritone Turntable Plaque - a symbol of cultural retention and togetherness, was held as we continue to restore the glory of our beloved city and to jumpstart the refocus on the rich culture and other success stories of Kingston.

This is a “big thing” for all of us since Kingston, a very small yet globally recognized city has contributed immeasurably towards global and sustainable development using the creativity of its people. Kingston is the very first Caribbean city to be appointed as a Creative Music City and this is evidence of the hard work and dedication of each and every one of us.