2018 Local Government and Community Month Cross Island Run

On Monday, October 22, the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC), hosted another Cross Island Run to kick off this year’s Local Government Month celebrations which will be observed under the theme, “Protecting the Vulnerable…Establishing Hope Through Local Governance”.
The Ubuntu philosophy of “I AM BECAUSE WE ARE” speaks to humanity towards others and the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity. This is the objective of events such as this which serves as a unifying tool, as we symbolically pass and receive these messages from parish to parish across the length and breadth of Jamaica.
The annual celebration of Local Government Month can never be seen as an ordinary event since Local Government is important in the empowerment of our people and we have come a far way in this regard. The local authorities and the councillors remain the first line of engagement for the average Jamaican with the political process; and the hard working staff of the councils and their agencies are the first line of contact between the average citizen and the public service.
In addition to this, the month long celebration serves as an occasion to promote awareness among our youth on matters relevant to local governance and the roles and responsibilities of local government. In so doing youth and students are introduced to the administrative and political arms of the Council, guided regarding the drafting of resolutions and the Order Paper among other matters relative to the overall operations of Council. This is critical to building an informed citizenry and as they say, ‘youth are the future’.
So as we embrace another series of engaging activities, let us pay close attention to the theme which highlights the vital role that each resident and community should play in the strengthening and development of our country.