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On Sunday, May 6, 2018, the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) will hold a service in memory of Jamaica’s children who have died under tragic/violent circumstances.

The service will be held in keeping with the Corporation’s annual plans of coordinating and executing activities for Child Month which will be celebrated under the theme, “A.F.F.I.R.M. Me!” A.F.F.I.R.M is an acronym for “Acknowledge me, (Be) Friend Me, Favour Me, Influence me positively, Respect Me, and Motivate Me” and emerged out of calls by children for adults to recognise and validate their worth.

The ceremony, which is being organized by the KSAMC under the distinguished patronage of His Worship the Mayor of Kingston, Senator Cllr. Delroy H. Williams,, will be held at the site of the monument erected in their honour (November 2008) which is located at the corner of Tower and Church Streets downtown, Kingston.

“Our children are capable of far more than we know. To not nurture and appreciate them is an indictment on the type of people we are becoming and as Mayor and a father, I support the National Child Month Committee on this initiative and encourage all Jamaicans to play their part and AFFIRM them,” the Mayor said.

The KSAMC opens its offices to children throughout the year but with an even greater focus during Child month to sensitize the youth about their city and role of the local authority. 
The Mayor also highlighted that if Kingston is to change then we must not look to the future for that change to happen, instead we should commence investing in the children we engage as they are the shapers of the future.

“The life of every child that is snuffed out not only robs the parents and loved ones; it robs the nation of untapped and immeasurable potential. Let us protect the greatest treasures we have.

“Myles Munroe said the wealthiest place on earth is the graveyard because it is filled with dreams and possibilities that never came to fruition. The tragic death of every child robs Jamaica of greatness and I implore all citizens to break the chains of violence against children and report abuse in every form;” Williams lamented.