2018 Child Month Service for children who have died tragically/violently

On Sunday, May 6, the KSAMC held a Child Month Service in memory of our nation's children who died under tragic or violent circumstances.

On a profound level, we truly hope that these ceremonies will someday no longer be necessary as our nation will one day develop to be so respectful of the priceless value of our God-given children whose special lives and souls can never be replaced.

I truly appreciate the visionary leadership of His Worship the Mayor Senator Delroy Williams to afford Junior Councillors to lead today’s programme.

We would like to thank the JCF, Ministry of Education, Youth and Information and Minister of Local Government for their contribution and for their daily struggles on behalf of the protection and safety of our nation’s children.

Thanks to all our partners and sponsors who aid in our vision on a daily basis.

Many thanks to everyone for your participation and contribution towards the success of the event. God’s richest blessings to you all.