Re: Exchange Among Councillors

December 15, 2017

Kari Douglas
Councillor for the Trafalgar Division
St. Andrew, South Eastern
Co/ Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation
24 Church Street, Kingston

RE: Exchange among Councillors


On Tuesday of this week during the scheduled meeting of the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation, two councillors from the Governing Jamaica Labour Party made derrogatory and unbecoming remarks in relation to the PNP.

The records may confirm that one JLP Councillor, Duane Smith, without evidential basis singled out a PNP Councillor from a different Municipal Corporation as being responsible for bringing guns into the country, while another, Susan Senior, proposed to blame the political organization of which I am a part for the high crime rate in Jamaica.

Senior also made false and derrogatory remarks about by Father, former Cabinet Minister and erstwhile Member of Parliament for St. Andrew, South East, Easton Douglas.

Chairman, the records will also reflect that I responded strongly in an attempt to cause the assinine and defamatory comments made by the two JLP Councillors to be immediately withdrawn and the offence caused remedied with alacrity.

I am regretful and indeed apologize to you and the Corporation for the fact that during this thrust, and in response to the reckless provocation, my tone and approach to achieving redress was not appropriate.

Given that several articles have not accurately reflected the true context of my contribution to what transpired, it is my intention to release this missive to the media.

Chairman, I further avail myself of the opportunity to renew to you and the institution that is the KSAMC the assurance of my highest consideration.

Kind Regards,
Kari Douglas