City Treasurer’s Department

The City Treasurer’s Department provides Financial and Accounting Services for the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC).  A major function of the department is the preparation and presentation of the Annual Revenue and Expenditure Budget of the Corporation for approval.

The department is headed by the City Treasurer who is charged with the responsibility for Control of the approved budget.  This includes inter alia collecting and accounting for all moneys payable to the KSAC inclusive of Fees from – Building and Subdivision approvals, Places of Amusement License, Signs and Billboards, Trade Licenses, Barbers and hairdressers, Vending and markets operations, Real Estate Leases, Operating of Municipal Car Parks and Motor Vehicle Impounding; the passing for payment of all bills for goods and services provided to the KSAC by its creditors and contractors; the payment of salaries and wages in accordance with personnel directives; the remittance of personal and statutory deductions to relevant agencies; the preparation and submission of Annual Statutory Returns to relevant agencies; the preparation and submission of Annual Final Accounting Statements to the Auditor General, as well as interim monthly reports to the Finance Committee of the KSAC.  The department is also responsible for collecting and accounting for funds received for special projects being executed by the KSAC on behalf of other Agencies, these funds include funds originating from the Constituency Development Fund.