City Engineer's Department

The department is headed by City Engineer, Norman Shand who is the Chief Technical Officer and one of (4) statutory heads of the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC).

The City Engineer has full responsibility for all civil, structural and building works throughout the Kingston Metropolitan Region (KMR) and is expected to deliver high quality services that are reasonably priced and responsive to the needs of residents and the communities of the Municipality.
The following are the  powers and scope of responsibilities of the City Engineer’s Department:
Laws and Regulations Governing The Department 

  • The Town and Country Planning Act
  • The Building Regulations
  • The Building Code
  • The Building Laws
  • The Local Improvements Act
  • The Advertisements Regulation Act
  • The Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation Act
  • The Parochial Roads Act
  • The Town Nuisances Prevention Act
  • The Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation Building Act 

Sections in The Department 

  • Building Section
  • Roads and Works Section
  • Bill Boards and Signs Section
  • City Engineer’s Administrative Office

Functions of The Department

  • To carry out the responsibilities given to the Council in law under the Development Order through the Town and Country Planning Act. 
  • To deal with matters concerning roads, approved programme for construction works including gullies, drains,  municipal buildings, properties and  the award of contracts. 
  • The City Engineer, as the Chief Technical Officer, provides recommendations  regarding disasters that may occur, such as hurricane damage, flooding and structural issues. He/she also advises and makes recommendations on all buildings, town planning and subdivision applications submitted to the Local Authority, as well as on roads, gullies, drainage works, building development and designs. 

Services Provided by The Department 

  • Development approvals and monitoring
  • Investigation and enforcement of building breaches
  • Monitoring and control of derelict and dangerous structures.
  • Municipal properties
  • Advising on municipal equipment.
  • Roads, drains and associated infrastructure
  • Processing of billboard applications.