Kingston Mayor warns business operators about waste disposal

Mayor of Kingston, Senator Delroy Williams is advising business operators downtown Kingston to desist their continued improper disposal of garbage. 

The mayor has instructed the Council to issue several notices to businesses within the commercial district of downtown Kingston where he has noticed the practice has become prevalent. It is apparent that the operators have opted to leave their waste at the front of their stores upon closing and the mayor is very displeased and disappointed by this. 

He stated that in most cases the garbage is loose and unsecured and winds and rain often causes them to be blown and carried across the city. He went on to state that with the city expending 40 million dollars cleaning drains in anticipation of a very active hurricane season, the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation will be actively pursing offenders who are deliberately littering of the city.

The mayor recently launched a #KleanKingston campaign and has partnered with the Jamaica Environmental Trust and the "Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica" campaign to improve cleanliness and mitigate litter within the capital. 

"We understand that there may be challenges with the schedule of the solid waste management authority but that is never an excuse to litter and persons will have to take responsibility for their actions," Williams stated. 

He added that in most instances that he has observed there was simply a general disregard for order and there were no receptacles for the disposal of their waste. Section 46 of the National Solid Waste Management Act makes littering an offence punishable by a fine not exceeding 500 thousand dollars or six months imprisonment.