Profound Gratitude and Appreciation

The mayor of Kingston Senator Delroy H.Williams thanks all sponsors, donors and volunteers who participated in the Children’s Treat at the New Providence Primary School recently.

The treat is one of many that the Mayor’s Office organized during the back-to-school period. The mayor has a deep sincerity for children and goes above and beyond most times to have them included in parish events as much as possible. The council currently has for the first time over 400 youth employed in a Summer Employment Programme, National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) Summer School visited the Council Chamber earlier this month and fielded questions to the mayor and contributions given to several other charities.

Distributions of stationery, snacks and other school necessities will be given to the students in attendance as well as refreshment and entertainment.

The mayor is concerned about the care and support being afforded especially to the less fortunate children within our society. The average back to school expense per child sometimes exceeds the salaries of the parents so it is vital that wherever possible we offer assistance to those in need.

As part of efforts to provide assistance as much as possible, the mayor has also been spearheading the restoration and rehabilitation of several community parks within the city. Children ought to be free to learn, play and enjoy their youth. They are the future of the city and this is one small step towards their education and holistic development.