Jamaica 55 Diaspora Conference

Over the last 55 years, Jamaica has had good times and bad times. We have been recognized by the rest of the world as some of the fastest, the coolest, the most beautiful, the most talented, the most musically inclined and the most creative.

We have much to be proud of, but there is still more we can achieve. A speck on land in the Caribbean Sea whose culture and history have made it among the most visited destinations in the world-
our Athletes, Musicians, Beauty Queens, Politicians, Scholars, Spelling Bee Champions, Writers, Dancers, Artists and Inventors have taken Jamaica to the World and after just 55 years of Independence, we are not only the Mecca of talent; we are the home of versatility and creativity.

This celebration however, is not for the rest of the world, it is for Jamaica and Jamaicans. Wherever you are and wherever you are from; this Diaspora celebration is our way of saying “Look how far we a come from.”

Many slips have occurred on the way and we have lost ground in several areas due to our own actions and inactions. This should not discourage us since we know that there is nothing that is wrong with Jamaica that cannot be fixed by what is right with Jamaica.

We applaud the Ministry of Culture for this bold step. We must never fail to look back on what we have done and accomplished as a nation. We often times share so much of Jamaica with the rest of the world that we forget to share some of it with Jamaicans.

Jamaica is for Jamaicans. Let us take pride in what we do and how we do it. Let us do things this year, not for ourselves, but for Jamaica. Be neighbourly, be ambassadors to everyone we meet. Let Jamaica not only be known for “One Love” and “To the World” but also for the sense of national pride and unity that set us free and gave us Independence 55 years ago.