Child Month 2017

The month of May is celebrated as Child Month and it is customary for the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) to hold a series of events in observance of the month.

In 2008, the Secret Gardens Monument was erected in memory of our children who have died under violent/tragic circumstances. The monument currently has 758 names up to 2015.

The names of children for 2016 and 2017 have not yet been added for the simple fact that it has ran out of space.

In previous years, the KSAMC has held events including a Candlelight Vigil, Service of Intercession for the Protection of Our Children, a march with our children and Wreath laying Ceremony among other activities in memory of children who have been abused or died under violent/tragic circumstances and to show our condemnation of instances of violence and abuse committed against our children by reinforcing that child protection is crucial.

The KSAMC continues to partner with our stakeholders and especially those organizations that deal specifically with children and direct community interaction.

On Sunday, May 7, 2017, the KSAMC held a service in memory of Jamaica’s children who died under tragic/violent circumstances.

The service will be held in keeping with the Corporation’s annual plans of coordinating and executing a series of activities for Child Month which will be celebrated under the theme, “Take Action! Break the chain of Abuse against our Children.”

It is alarming when we consider the high levels of crimes being committed against children within our society. Any civilization can be adequately assessed by the way in which they treat the most vulnerable among them and particularly our children.

The Mayor of Kingston urges all residents of the municipality and the country on a whole to be parents to each and every child that they come across. Every child will not be a model of perfection but all adults can be role models to every child.

On a profound level, we truly hope that these ceremonies will someday no longer be necessary as our nation will one day develop to be so respectful of the priceless value of our God-given children whose special lives and souls can never be replaced.

Our children are our future and they deserve to be given the opportunity to flourish in peace and an atmosphere of love.

We would like to thank the Child Development Agency (CDA), the Ministry of Youth, the Offices of the Children’s Registry and Children's Advocate , the Ministry of National Security and CISOCA for their daily struggles on behalf of the protection and safety of our nation’s children.

Thanks to all our sponsors who aid in our vision on a daily basis. The monument now has 758 names and the last set was ably facilitated by the Scotia Foundation.

Special thanks to our volunteers who have been with us from the start and to all the voluntary agencies and individuals who have dedicated your time and resources for the growth and development of our nation's children.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the members of the diplomatic corps, and the wider international community for your continuous support.

Much appreciation to the children from the various schools and institutions who continue to participate in these annual events.

To the parents of the deceased, we sincerely hope that the ceremony will in some way help to relieve your grief and remind you that the lives of your wonderful children, though far too brief, have helped to illuminate the world.

Let us be strengthened by this ceremony of remembrance and recommit to making Jamaica a better place for all our nation’s children as we take action to break the chain of abuse against them.