Frequently Asked Questions regarding Markets and Trade Licenses

How do I become a registered vendor?

All applicants are required to have a Tax Registration Number, a recent photograph and a valid ID. The registration process takes one (1) day and the ID is processed within two weeks. IDs are done by the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ).
What is the cost of registration for vending?

Markets and Arcades                -           $3,000
Off Street Annexes                     -           $5,000
On Street Vending Areas          -           $6,000
Specially Designated Areas     -           $6,000 

How do I apply for a vending space in the market?
Each market has its respective manager and processing for vending space takes place in the manager’s office, where the application form is filled out.
Where are the approved vending areas in the municipality?

All the respective markets and approved vending areas in the markets district downtown.
Which streets are persons allowed to vend on?

Beckford Street (between Darling Street & Pechon Street)
New Chapel Lane
Pechon Street
West Street (Between Spanish Town Road & West Queen Street)
Matthews Lane
Princess Street (Between Heywood Street & West Queen Street
Luke Lane (Between Heywood Street & West Queen Street) 

What is a Trade License?
A Trade licence is issued to retail and wholesale dealers with a designated place of business with liberty to store in and deliver out of public and other warehouses, also to specified trade such as auctioneer, commission agent, wharfinger, super-cargo, proprietor of newspaper, etc.

Who needs a Trade License?
Every person carrying on a trade or business specified in the first schedule of the Licenses on Trade and Business Act.
The Licenses on Trades and Business Act is a 1961 piece of legislation and it is this law which requires that persons carrying on a trade or business shall obtain a trade license.

How does one get a Trade License?
Every person carrying on a trade or business specified in the first schedule of the License on Trade and Business Act, should make out a return / application and submit to the Collector of Taxes of the parish. Applications for licenses, along with payment of the relevant fees, are made in each parish on April 1 each year.