General Information

Frequently asked questions and answers

How do I get a copy of an approved plan?

Ans.  Step 1    Fill out and Access to Information Form at the building registry at the KSAC.
 The request may also be sent by email.

When done by telephone calls it is noted and the matter is dealt with however the customer is advised to fill out an application and directive is given during the conversation.

How do I get the form?
Ans.    Option 1
            Download application form from the KSAC website (
            Option 2
            Collect application form at the KSAC office (24 Church Street, Kingston)

How much does it cost to obtain copy of an approved plan?
Ans.    There is and administrative fee of $2000.00 for plans that have to be copied from external sources. However the total cost varies according to the number of pages of the plan and the size of each page.

How long does it takes to obtain copy of an approved plan.
Ans.    The stated time according to the Access to Information Act is thirty (30) days. However more recent drawings that are easily retrievable may take fifteen working days or less.
What is Trade Licences?

The Licences on Trade and Business Act which is managed and enforced by the Inland Revenue Department and KSAC. 
Whom is it applicable to?

Wholesalers, Retailers, Auctioneers and Newspapers 
What is the Licence Period?

April 01 of one year, to March 31st of the following year. 
What is the procedure for Licencing?

Attend the office of the Island Revenue Department
Complete application form
File an annual return
Furnish particulars for each branch of the business as to either of the following (retailers only) 
What are the fees?

Wholesaler                $1,000.00
Retailer                      $5,000.00
Newspaper firm       $2,000.00
Other newspaper     $   200.00 
Where Fees can be paid?

Fees MUST be paid only at Inland Revenue Department. 
Will a Licences be issued to me?

The Inland Revenue Department must issue a certificate upon payment. 
What are the penalties for not paying my Trade Licences?

Levy on goods and chattels of the business and/or court action. 

What if I am in business for many years and did not pay my arrears?

All arrears are collectable up to seven years (inclusive of current year) 
Where can I find the Inland Revenue Department to make payment?

1-3 Kingston Street, Downtown Kingston
15b Old Hope Road, Cross Roads
191c Constant Spring Road, St. Andrew 
How can I contact the Kingston & St. Andrew Corporation

24 Church Street, Kingston
Twitter: ksacorp
Instagram: ksacorp
 Facebook: Kingston-St.-Andrew-Corporation