Emergency Operations Centre

Frequently Asked Questions of the EOC

What is the KSAC EOC?
The KSAC Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) is the Disaster Unit of the municipality that handles disaster related matters such as fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.

What is the link between the KSAC EOC and ODPEM? 
The ODPEM is the National coordinating agency which has responsibility for Disaster Management and Disaster Risk Reduction while the KSAC EOC is the parish coordinating unit with the same responsibilities. The ODPEM coordinates through Committees the main one being the National Disaster Committee which is chaired by the Prime Minister and meets at least once per year. This committee comprises all agencies that play an integral part in Disaster Management at the national level. At the Parish level there is a Parish Disaster Coordinator and a Parish Disaster Committee.  The Parish Disaster Committee is headed by the Mayor/ Custos and submits reports on the preparedness of the parish based on reports from the members of the committee.
Who are the members of the Parish Disaster Committee? 

The Mayor – Chairman
The Custos – Honorary Chairman
Town Clerk
Parish Disaster Coordinator
Jamaica Constabulary Force (Senior Officers)
Jamaica Fire Brigade
KSA Public Health Department ( Chief Public Inspector and Senior Medical Officer)
Inspector of Poor
City Engineer
Parish Managers for Public Utilities (JPS, NWC, LIME, FLOW, DIGICEL, Cable Operators)
Ministry of Labour and Social Security (Parish Manager)
NGO’s/ Church Groups (Red Cross, Salvation Army, ADRA, Catholic Relief Services, St Patrick’s Ranger)
Chamber of Commerce/ Private Sector

What are the responsibilities of the Disaster Unit? 
The development and maintenance of Parish Plans
Ensuring the functionality of Sub- committees
Public education on disaster risk reduction (DRR) and practices
Training of community and parish partners in DRR practices
Simulation exercises
Maintain an up-to-date contact list
Stock local stores with emergency and relief items for emergency disaster events
Assist in preparing, participating and assessing joint annual exercises with all response services of the Parish Emergency Operation Centre and submit after action reports to ODPEM
Advising the Parish Disaster Committee
During time of emergencies: responsibility for the activating, operating and deactivating of the EOC
Coordinating the activities of the relevant operational agencies
Supporting the operational agencies by facilitating access to available resourced
Handling request for EMERGENCY/ DISASTER assistance/ relief.
Monitoring the emergency event and assessing the physical impact