Why should I be a Licenced Practitioner?

Under the revised Kingston & St. Andrew Public Health Regulations 2004  Barbers, Barbershop, Hairdressers, Beauty Therapist, Cosmetologist and Beauty Salon that all persons and establishment in Kingston & St. Andrew are required to be licenced by KSAC. 
What document do I need to become a licenced practitioner or to licence my business; Barber, Hairdresser, Cosmetologist, Beauty Therapist, Massage Therapist?

A health certificate issued by the Medical Officer (Health) dated no earlier than two weeks prior to the date of the application.
Two attested photographs of the applicant taken no earlier than one month prior to the date of the application.
A certified copy of the relevant certificate or diploma granted to a professional training institution. 

What document Trainee needs?

Letter from a Justice of Peace
Letter from a licenced practitioner that the person will be employed as a trainee.
Satisfies the local board that he is enrolled as a student in a professional training institution and will complete his/her training within 12 months of the granting of the licence. 

What document Barbers and Beauty Salon need?

Completed application form
Two attested photograph of the applicant taken no earlier than one month prior to the date of the application. 

What are the procedures for licencing a practitioner or establishment?

Pay required fees to the KSAC
Apply for a Health Certificate at the Public Health Department- 5 Marescaux Road Kingston 5.
Complete application form (Forms obtainable at the Public Health Office) and submit required documents.
On requirements being met Licence will be issued by the KSAC. 

What about other branches of the business?

Where a person operates more than one branch of a business, an application for a Licences shall be made in respect to each branch. 
What are the Fees

Barbers Licence                  $2,500.00
Renewal of Barber Lic.        $2,500.00
Trainee Licnces                   $   500.00
Health Certificate                 $   500.00
Hairdressers                        $3,000.00
Renewal Hairdressers         $3,000.00
Shop Licences                     $5,000.00
Beauty Salon                       $4,000.00
Renewal Beauty Salon        $3,500.00 

What is the expired date of the licences issued?

Each Licence has an expiry date of one year and from the date of issue. 

What are the Penalties?

Any person who contravenes the provision of the regulations shall be liable to a summary conviction before a Resident Magistrate, who determines the fine.